Every primary producer has heard horror stories of farms and families being ripped apart by intergenerational disagreements. Now there is a business offering a way to avoid these pitfalls.

Story By Freda Nicholls

Two innovative young women have set up a farm succession and consulting business that, since its inception two years ago, has seen them travel all over the country helping farming families with succession planning. Although Sarah Roche is based in Adelong in southern New South Wales, and Isobel Knight is in Tamworth in the north of the state, both women like to work for clients together, utilising all of their specialised skills in order to obtain a successful outcome. “Between us, we have skills and qualifications in law, psychology, commerce, education, business, counselling and mediation, which just reflects the complexity of what you deal with in a family farm business,” Sarah says.

This story excerpt is from Issue #48

Outback Magazine: Aug/Sept 2006