Explorer Tours uses the paths trod by some of Australia’s great explorers to provide guests with a trip that’s rich in history and rarely seen sights.

Story & photos by Ron Crittall

From a long way off, Mount Augustus appears as a large looming presence with a long two-humped outline. The Aboriginal myth of Burringurrah becomes clear, the dead boy laid out with his head to the left. There’s also the effect of a lion sleeping, but this is the wrong continent.
Mount Augustus doesn’t have the same impact as Uluru, with which it is most often compared. It may be bigger and higher and, like Uluru, sits in the middle of a great arid plain, but it does not have that clear, unmistakable outline and appeal. And it’s not easy to get to. It sits in the Gascoyne region of Western Australia, on the Carnarvon-Meekatharra Road, which is not one of Australia’s great tourist routes.

This story excerpt is from Issue #45

Outback Magazine: Feb/Mar 2006