A company in Walgett, NSW, has created a new, clever pasture management tool and farmers can’t get enough of it.

Story Ryan Butta

In 1887, Walgett, NSW, was at the centre of design and innovation in Australia. It was there that the Wolseley clippers were invented, revolutionising wool production. Almost 150 years later, Walgett is once again at the cutting edge, this time thanks to local business Evolve Engineering. Founder and director Joe Fleming hopes that his innovation, the Bladerunner, can do for weed control and soil management what Wolseley clippers did for shearing. 

Joe came up with the idea of the Bladerunner in 2018. When he began Evolve there was just himself and one apprentice, Tim Mutton. Today Tim has risen to be workshop manager and Evolve employs 2 other apprentices to meet increasing demand.

This story excerpt is from Issue #148

Outback Magazine: April/May 2023