With stunning natural wonders and exquisite food and wine experiences, SA’s Limestone Coast is perfect for a driving holiday.

Story Gretel Sneath  Photo Offroad Images/Michael Ellem

"I promise you won’t sink to the bottom,” instructor Kirsty Ievins tells the intrepid travellers taking the plunge at Kilsby Sinkhole. Their 7mm-thick wetsuits are warm enough to mask the chill, but they also provide surprising buoyancy – extremely reassuring when bobbing on the surface of a 65m deep chasm.

The giant hole on a working sheep farm south of Mount Gambier is rated among the world’s best dive sites due to its exceptional water clarity. Highly qualified cave divers and free divers travel from around the globe to experience the wonder in a paddock of fourth-generation grazier Graham Kilsby. “They like it because they can see somebody who’s right over the other side and it looks like they’re floating on air,” Graham says. “And in the middle of the day, when the sun is directly overhead, it sends down a beam of light that illuminates the entire chamber.” 

Now, even novice swimmers can experience the light ray phenomenon by booking a supervised snorkelling session in the equally spectacular open lake. “Everyone seems to be blown away by the experience,” Kirsty says. “We’ve even had people that have never been in the water before, but they just get in and have a crack, which is fantastic.” 

With its unique range of largely nature-based experiences, SA’s Limestone Coast offers plenty of opportunities to try something new.

This story excerpt is from Issue #141

Outback Magazine: February/March 2022