The new Mitsubishi Triton Fastback works well in the paddock but now looks and feels good too.

Story By Ian Glover

Artworks elicit vastly different responses, even from art critics, and car body-shapes attract the same sort of controversy. The new Mitsubishi Fastback builds on the most distinctive of all ute cabin shapes, with a retro curved rear that is reminiscent of the early roadsters, and builds on it with swooping lines running back from the headboard to flank a polycarbonate tonneau. One automotive journalist was even prompted to remark that “it looks like a ute that’s been mounted by a rhino”. The ute market is the fastest-growing in the Australian automotive industry and, as such, there’s even more pressure than normal for manufacturers and importers to up the ante of performance, specification and value for money. Since Mitsubishi dropped the locally made 380 sedan to concentrate on its imported line-up, Triton has been one of the mainstays of the company’s profitability. Its latest update should, therefore, see sales maintained and even improved.

This story excerpt is from Issue #63

Outback Magazine: Feb/Mar 2009