Cliffy's Emporium, in the Victorian spa town of Daylesford, is brimming with the atmosphere and delicacies of a past era.

Story & Photos Robyn Rosenfeldt

Stepping into Cliffy's Emporium is like stepping into a grown-up's version of an old-fashioned lolly shop. Long wooden counters run the length of the store, piled high with jars, bottles and crates containing the sort of delicacies that adults drool over, such as olives, cheeses, wines, nuts, coffee and jams. Cliffy's is the the typical old corner store of the imagination. The ramshackle weatherboard building situated in Daylesford, central Victoria, was a general store back in the 1950s run by its namesake Cliffy Hauser. Locals from that time remember it as the sort of general store where you would buy food for yourself and your horse.

This story excerpt is from Issue #51

Outback Magazine: Feb/Mar 2007