Kimberley matriarch Caroline Sibosado finds gardening in the tropics a rewarding pastime.

Story By Terri Cowley

Caroline Sibosado has seen a lot of changes since she came to the remote Kimberley community of Lombadina 40 years ago but one thing has been constant – her love of gardening. She has always tried to surround herself with the cooling effects of greenery, important in a climate where temperatures hover in the mid 30s for most of the year.
“When you garden, you don’t think about anything else,” the community matriarch, 70, says. “Whenever people are depressed or they have got worries they should work in the garden. In the garden there is an improvement you can see. It’s not like working in the house.”
Caroline and husband Basil, who died in 2013, raised six boys while establishing a tourism business in Lombadina. Today, son Robert heads the business with the others involved in one way or another. Caroline is grandmother to “about 40” and great-grandmother to “about 10”.

This Story is from Issue #102

Outback Magazine: Aug/Sept 2015