Reader Submissions

OUTBACK tells stories from all over Australia. The more remote, the better!

We love receiving your yarns and photos of bush kids and weddings, cakes, boots, dogs, and more. And no matter if you’re a new or long-time reader, feel free to write us a Feedback letter to tell us what you think of OUTBACK. We can’t wait to hear from you.

Whatever section you want to contribute to, email your photo and short story of up to 200 words to or write to R.M. Williams Publishing, PO Box 7015, Alexandria, NSW, 2015 with the name of the section you’re submitting to.

Within your entry, be sure to include your name, suburb/town, state and phone number.

If you’re a writer looking to pitch a story, please see our editorial guidelines here. Or, if you know a story that’s just waiting to be written, send a tip to our journalists by emailing

Some things to keep in mind:
  • Email digital images – don’t print them out. We unfortunately can’t consider photos that are too blurry or pixilated, so don’t compress photos over email and don’t send screenshots. As a rule, the larger the file size, the better (aim for at least 1MB). Photos taken from social media sites, such as Facebook, are not suitable.
  • Your image may be used to promote social media. So, for any professional photos, please check that you have permission to share, or provide us with the photographer’s name.
  • Not every section is featured in every issue of the magazine, but we’ll keep a note of our favourite submissions, and they may appear in OUTBACK down the track.
  • We may edit featured submissions for length and clarity.
  • Prizes may change without notice.

While we may not have time to reply to every submission, we do read everything that’s sent to us. So have a crack and keep your eyes peeled on future editions of OUTBACK to see if your contribution is featured.

We can’t wait to read your submissions and hear your yarns from across the outback. If you have a question about any section, feel free to email us at