After years of supporting her husband in his creative endeavours, Robyn Muche is unfurling some serious talent of her own.

Story Bruce McMahon

Her isolated studio sits at the end of a Queensland bush road but Robyn Muche’s inspiration comes from the wide world of animals, from Broome to Botswana.

The artist, 65, has had a lifelong love of art, animals and natural history. As a young woman she drew, painted and photographed fauna for museums, children’s books and environmental projects. For years she collaborated with her late husband and fellow artist Bodo Muche, world-renowned for his bronze animal sculptures. She helped raise two daughters. And since Bodo’s death in late 2017, while keeping going the side of the business related to his work, Robyn has been rediscovering herself as a wildlife artist.

“For a lot of my life I was working for someone and [doing] what they wanted,” she says. “Then I was a mother and supporting Bodo and so I guess it’s only now that I’m working out what I’m doing.”

This story excerpt is from Issue #124

Outback Magazine: April/May 2019