Lorraine Kath is inspired by the country she works on, around Mount Leonard Station in north-east SA.

Story By Mark Muller

“I’ve always known that this is a pretty special place we live in,” says Lorraine Kath. “But looking at it as I now do drives home to me just how amazing it is.” By this she means looking at her Queensland Channel Country home through the eyes of a photographer. And, as these photos show, a very talented photographer at that. Lorraine and her family live and work on Mount Leonard Station. Her husband Henning – widely known as ‘Chook’ – has been managing the property for the past 12 years. Their children Cassandra, 14, Leah, 12, and Jacob, 8, share in the challenges and joys of life in this remote and rare part of our country.
Mount Leonard Station wraps around the north-east corner of South Australia. It consists of three smaller properties run as one – Mount Leonard itself, Planet Downs and Arrabury Station. Together the 7600-square-kilometre holding, owned by the Arrabury Pastoral Company, is home to thousands of head of cattle, and an amazing variety of native flora and fauna.

This story excerpt is from Issue #92

Outback Magazine: Dec/Jan 2014