Gray Hawk collaborates with nature to create timber furniture that is simultaneously functional and artful.

Story by George Inglis, Photos by Don Fuchs

A sense of creativity fills the air, spiced with the earthy tones of sawdust and lacquer. Chairs, tables, blueprints and inspirational works of art – at varying stages of evolution – sprawl across a cosy workshop, shielded from the winter chill by a lonely oil heater. At the heart of this organised chaos is Gray Hawk, a city-based artisan with his creative
inspiration firmly rooted in Australia’s outback heritage.
Gray is a master furniture maker and artist who is nationally and internationally renowned for his creative and timeless chairs, tables and other practical creations, as well as his decorative art. Most recently, his craftsmanship has shaped the character of the principal courtroom of the new Commonwealth Law Courts in Adelaide.

This story excerpt is from Issue #48

Outback Magazine: Aug/Sept 2006