Revered Kimberley-based company HeliSpirit has started flying tourists over the stunning coastline near Esperance, WA.

Story Hannah Siemer  Photo HeliSpirit

On WA’s south-east coast, the seemingly endless coastline is as regal as it is rugged, as weathered as it is robust. From the air, it is a feast for the eyes. For mains, a thin band of milky-white shore binding sunburnt country with cerulean sea.

Then the sweetest of desserts is the bright burst of a bubblegum pink lake sitting on a desolate island.

Catching a glimpse of Lake Hillier on Middle Island, 9km offshore and 130km east of Esperance, is a bucket list experience, even for lifelong locals. Born and raised in Esperance, Bronte Vincent was one of the first to take a flight out to the lake when HeliSpirit commenced operations in the town late last year. The lake had previously only been accessible by chartered boat, or fixed-wing aircraft, which couldn’t land on the island. Now HeliSpirit offers the opportunity to see Lake Hillier from the air and the ground, taking in Esperance’s coastline along the way, on a sumptuous three-hour experience that includes a champagne picnic. 

“Lake Hillier itself is amazing, especially in contrast to the bush and the sea,” Bronte says. “There was so much to see on the journey out there, too. We saw a whale and her calf, which was a really cool moment, and flying over Frenchman Peak was very surreal. I’ve climbed it so many times, but to see it from the air was something else altogether.”

This story excerpt is from Issue #136

Outback Magazine: Apr/May 2021