Sculptures take pride of place in this garden in the Tasmanian Midlands.

Story + Photos Kim Woods Rabbidge

From Blenheim Garden and Gallery, the view to Tasmania’s Western Tiers draws you like a magnet. It’s one of the elements Jennie and Stephen Caswell have sensitively considered while developing their lovely sculpture garden just near the colonial town of Longford in the northern Midlands. Their garden surrounds a post-World War II home where Jennie moved with her then-husband Barrie and their three young daughters in 1973 (Barrie passed away 22 years later). There were no garden beds, however the previous owner, Mrs Smith, left a legacy of beautiful trees, including oaks lining the driveway. “She loved her trees and would come back each year when the tamarisk flowered,” Jennie says. 

During the 25 years of Jennie and Stephen’s marriage, Blenheim has grown to reflect their mutual passion for landscaped gardens, sculpture and art. 

This story excerpt is from Issue #122

Outback Magazine: December/January 2019