Origin of the Bedourie oven, this oasis in the desert is one of only two inhabited towns in the vast Diamantina Shire in Queensland’s Channel Country.

Story By Kelly Theobold

Between the lush floodplains of Eyre Creek and the vibrant red sand dunes of the Simpson Desert, Bedourie’s cluster of buildings shines in the unforgiving sun. With only 140 people and positioned almost 200 kilometres from the closest town, Bedourie is, as the town’s motto says, ‘an oasis in the desert’.
It’s taken a lot of effort to get Bedourie this green and inviting. The town’s name is derived from ‘bidouri’, the Wangkangurru term for ‘dust storm’. Purposefully planted coolibahs, manicured lawns, a pub with character and a naturally heated outdoor pool and artesian spa provide some of the attractions for the 100,000 or so visitors who pass through each year.

This story excerpt is from Issue #93

Outback Magazine: Feb/Mar 2014