From the stunning view out of a ‘rock window’ over Warraweena Conservation Park in the Flinders Ranges, SA, to the dust and activity caused by a combination of choppers, horses and motorbikes during the Brahman muster on Welltree Station, NT, OUTBACK’s 2012 Calendar and Diary give you a beautiful year of images. This photo essay is a taste of some of the many images featured in these new products. The landscape-format Calendar features our signature use of wonderful fresh photography from around Australia. These photographs are far from run-of-the-mill tourism scenics. They are taken by adventurous photographers who are scanning the landscape for a fresh angle, presenting our natural wonders in a new light.

The 2012 Diary has a hardcover format and a larger size, and features a full-page colour photo for every week. Beautiful, evocative images embody the wild and unique nature of remote Australia, from its landscapes to its animals, plants and people, from the far north to pristine coastal Tasmania.

This story excerpt is from Issue #79

Outback Magazine: Oct/Nov 2011