Boasting flavoured sourdough, baked lamb and pumpkin pies, great coffee and even gelato, Quinty Cake and Bakehouse draws customers from all over the Riverina – just don’t ask for a humble meat pie.

Story & photos by Margrit Beemster

There’s not a lamington or vanilla slice to be seen. As for sliced white bread or jam rolls, you can forget about it – the Quinty Cake and Bakehouse is not your traditional Aussie bakery.
Located in the small NSW country town of Uranquinty, 12 kilometres south of Wagga Wagga, the bakehouse services a community that is mostly agricultural. So it is rather unusual that it has the style and type of food that would normally be expected in a trendy inner city suburb. But the business is thriving, which is a credit to Tania and Paul Gillanders, who created this innovative and expanding bakery. “People tell us that before we came along this place used to be a ghost town, but we knew a business here would work provided we did it right,” Tania says.

This story excerpt is from Issue #47

Outback Magazine: June/July 2006