Pretty much everyone in the town of Donald, Vic, is a salesperson for Kooka’s Country Cookies.

Story John Dunn   Photos Neil Newitt

Kooka’s Country Cookies was established in 1994, and 24 years on is looking to expand as it produces home-style, all-Australian biscuits from its original recipes. 

A director of the company, Craig Henderson, emphasises how important a business such as this is to a rural community like Donald. “It is vital that these areas have employment for partners,” he says. “Currently many families rely on two incomes and if that is available there is a greater chance that they will be attracted to rural centres. Our bakery provides that employment opportunity and we hope to increase the 30 full- and part-time staff we have now.”

Craig says Kooka’s has overcome financial and managerial issues and is now in clear air. “The current year will be our best ever,” he says. “Looking to the future, we have bought land and are currently in discussions with various parties on the financing and construction of new premises.”

This story excerpt is from Issue #118

Outback Magazine: April/May 2018