The Ford F-Series ute, a bulky giant that’s surprisingly easy to handle, is set for a comeback in Australia.

Story By Bruce McMahon

The Ford F-Series of American pick-ups – or utes to Australians – is one of the most enduring, and endearing, of vehicle nameplates. Some 30 million of these Fords have driven the highways and byways of the world since 1948. In the United States, it’s been the best-selling vehicle of all types for 32 years.
The F-Series has not been a stranger down here, for some years being built in Ford’s Brisbane and Melbourne factories. In more recent times, Detroit decreed there’s no longer a need for right-hand drive versions, with markets such as Australia having the Ford Ranger on hand for work and play.
Yet there remains a demand for the bigger Ford ute here. There are those who want to haul larger fifth–wheelers, carry a tonne, tow a four-tonne trailer or just get up the beach with the latest in creature comforts and conveniences filling out the cabin.
So, Queensland-based Performax spent considerable time and dollars to earn Australian federal approval as an accredited manufacturer of a converted right-hand drive F-Series. Performax already has a healthy business converting American pick-ups and muscle machines for local roads. This latest move means they can rework and sell as many F-Series as needed.

This Story is from Issue #99

Outback Magazine: Feb/Mar 2015