Winnebago's leisure seeker gives you home comforts and on-road practicality.

Story By Mark Muller

The Leisure Seeker C2364 is a well-equipped, seven-metre motorhome that makes intelligent use of its reasonably compact dimensions. Fit and finish are great and, given adequate preparation and planning, it is an ideal vehicle to roll out onto the open road. The Leisure Seeker rides on an Iveco 50C18 cab chassis, which is powered by a three litre turbo diesel engine that puts out a respectable 130 kilowatts of power and 400 Newton Metres of torque. The Iveco will happily pull three tonnes, making it a good unit for towing horse floats, and the six-speed automated manual gearbox is smooth and effective. Unencumbered, the vehicle’s 4495 kilograms can happily hook along at 110 kilometres an hour on the highway, but fuel consumption will rise sharply at these speeds. Averaging 64km/h over 1000km of mixed roads, the fuel consumption worked out at 15.6 litres per 100km. Winnebago recommends travelling at 85-90km/h for ideal fuel consumption of around 13.5l/100km. The lower speed is certainly more relaxing. Bear in mind though that there are other people on the road who might want to get somewhere a bit faster than that – do the right thing and pull over to let them pass.

This story excerpt is from Issue #62

Outback Magazine: Dec/Jan 2009