Competition, camaraderie, heat and dust marked the 2013 R.M.Williams Longreach Muster. Here are the results.

Story By Mark Muller

The seventh annual R.M.Williams Longreach Muster has been run and won, after two days of action packed, rough riding at the Longreach Pastoral College in Queensland.
11 of Australia’s leading cattle companies travelled from remote areas of the country, some coming thousands of kilometres, to compete at the Muster.
Held under a blistering Outback sun with the mercury topping 40 degrees, the R.M.Williams Longreach Muster saw the country’s top horse men and women show why Australia is second to none when it comes to horsemanship and bush skills.
Considered an important event on the Australian bush calendar, the cattle companies appreciated the chance to get together and reward their best staff with the annual trek to Longreach.
The R.M.Williams Longreach Muster continues the legacy of Reginald Murray (RM) Williams himself, who officially opened and funded Australia’s first ever Bronco Branding event in Alice Springs in 1984.
The R.M.Williams company today is proud to uphold the bush spirit of days gone by with two cracking days of competition, friendly rivalry and camaraderie with Australia’s favourite bush sports.

Results of the 2013 R.M.Williams Longreach Muster

R.M.Williams Stockman’s Challenge: Under 21
1st Dan Turnball, Australian Agricultural Company
2nd Cameron Patch, Australian Country Choice
3rd Tom Webster, Georgina Pastoral Company
Over 21
1st Clint Smith, MDH
2nd Ben Wade, Australian Country Choice
3rd Cheyne Williams, Paraway Pastoral Co
1st Australian Country Choice
2nd Australian Agricultural Company
3rd Georgina Pastoral Company

Bronco Branding:
1st Longreach Pastoral College
2nd Georgina Pastoral Company
3rd S. Kidman & Co

Cattle Company Buck Jump:
1st Cameron Crozier, Australian Country Choice
2nd Peter Moffat, Georgina Pastoral Company
3rd Ben Griffith, Acton Land & Cattle Co

R.M.Williams Golden Spurs Campdraft:
1st Rodney Crump, Williams River Cattle Co
2nd Lyndsay Felton, Stanbroke
3rd Phillip Acton, Acton Land & Cattle Co
1st Brooke Fitzgerald, Acton Land & Cattle Co
2nd Sally Butz, Australian Agricultural Company
3rd Clare McNeven, Paraway Pastoral Co
Under 21:
1st Dan Turnball, Australian Agricultural Company
2nd Liz Cotter, MDH
3rd Billy-Ray Degoumois, Consolidated Pastoral Company
1st Acton Land & Cattle Co
2nd Paraway Pastoral Co
3rd Stanbroke

Calgary Stampede Bosses Draft:
1st Acton Land & Cattle Co
2nd Paraway Pastoral Co
3rd Georgina Pastoral Company

R.M.Williams Longreach Muster Overall Winner:
Paraway Pastoral Company
(Team members: Cheyne Williams, Clare McNeven, Jamie Kriesch, Jason Simms).

Results of the 2013 R.M.Williams Longreach Muster QLD vs NSW State of Origin Rodeo
Bull Riding:
1st Ben Seeds
2nd Carl Green
3rd Jasen Mara & Jarred Borgero

Bareback Bronc:
1st Clint Burton
2nd Dan Wheedon
3rd Guy Ford

This story excerpt is from Issue #92

Outback Magazine: Dec/Jan 2014