Technology takes centre stage at Marcus Oldham’s new $10 million learning centre.

Story + Photos Nathan Dyer

A new $10 million learning centre at Marcus Oldham College, at Geelong, Vic reflects the changing educational needs of the Australian agricultural sector, according to principal Dr Simon Livingstone. 

“Farming and agribusinesses are so complex now, properties are worth millions of dollars, so you’ve got to be skilled in business and management, and the latest technologies, to be able to run those properties and businesses,” Simon says. 

Animal production lecturer Matt Robertson says the learning centre represents a departure from the traditional classroom format of a white board up front and lecturers talking at students. “This space gives us more opportunity for lecturers and teachers to interact with students and it gives students the chance to be much more involved in what’s happening, rather than being passive participants in the classroom,” Matt says. “A lot of the technology has been driven from what we see in the paddocks, and replicating that in the classroom – whether that’s pasture mapping or animal anatomy, you can put those things in front of students and they can really engage.”

This story excerpt is from Issue #128

Outback Magazine: Dec/Jan 2020