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Great Australians: 20 Living Legends of the BushGreat Australians: 20 Living Legends of the Bush »
Australia’s outback is full of amazing characters, many of whom have made substantial contributions to their communities or within their fields. R.M.Williams OUTBACK has gathered the stories of 20 remarkable Australians into a special one-shot magazine, Great Australians: Living Legends of the Bush
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Going with the grainGoing with the grain »
“We’ve had the best start we’ve had in 15–16 years,” says Mark Mason, managing director of Ceres Agricultural Company, predicting a good grain harvest this year around Moree, NSW. “You don’t want to jinx yourself, but it’s looking very good at the moment. The first six weeks are when the plant makes its mind up. They’ve got heaps of moisture...

50 long rides50 long rides »
It has been 50 years since RM Williams gathered together a few of his friends to create what is now the flagship endurance race in Australia. Over the June long weekend, the annual Tom Quilty Gold Cup returned to its roots on the Hawkesbury, NSW. Held at Del Rio Resort, just outside Wisemans Ferry, the 2015 Quilty was the biggest ever, with 342 people setting off on the ‘100 miles in one...

Ski CentralSki Central »
It’s the start of the 2015 ski season at Falls Creek, Vic, and the pressure is on maintenance and operations manager Ben Tori. With just two of the 14 ski lifts open on the mountain, you’d think he’d have an easy day. But if something goes wrong, the hordes of skiers already dotting the slopes will quickly run out of options. This is what Ben loves about his job. “Anything...

Tropical escapeTropical escape »
Caroline Sibosado has seen a lot of changes since she came to the remote Kimberley community of Lombadina 40 years ago but one thing has been constant – her love of gardening. She has always tried to surround herself with the cooling effects of greenery, important in a climate where temperatures hover in the mid 30s for most of the year. “When you garden, you don’t think about...

West of centreWest of centre »
Sunrise on Mt Sonder is one of the “must do” experiences in the West MacDonnell Ranges. It can be accessed from Alice Springs in an easily accessible driving loop via the mostly sealed Larapinta and Namatjira drives, followed by the dirt track of the Mereenie Loop that takes you back to Alice. Every gorge and gap in the ranges, formed millions of years ago as the quartzite eroded, is...

On their last legsOn their last legs »
It’s low tide at Killiecrankie, a tightly curving bay on the west coast of Flinders Island, Tas, as Jack Wheatley steps deftly off the rocks and into a small aluminium tinnie crowded with crayfish pots. In a puff of two-stroke smoke the tinnie’s engine takes him out through The Narrows, a deep channel between rocky outcrops, and into open water. The wind is up this morning and the sea...

Dogged determinationDogged determination »
Working springer spaniel Bolt is living up to his name, racing through the coastal woodland with his finely tuned nose to the ground. He’s ignoring the competing scents of wallabies, goannas and other native animals, in pursuit of an unwelcome foreigner – the feral cat. Foxes and cats have exacted a terrible toll in Bundjalung National Park on the New South Wales North Coast. For...

Off with their headOff with their head »
At the beginning of this year, Wooleen Station, in the Murchison, WA, received more rain in a month than it had for the whole previous couple of years. Beautifully spread over six weeks, the 130 millimetres of rain made up most of the long-term annual average of 200mm. Thick, lush grass 60 centimetres high soon grew densely across the station. To take advantage of this green bonanza,...

Going their own wayGoing their own way »
It’s 8am on a late summer morning and the blanketing heat of the day already grips the landscape as 27-year-old Candice Roberts rides a motorbike into the shed looking for her twin sister, Catherine. She’s been out on a water run and found a broken pipe. Even though they’ve had some good rain over summer and most of their dams are full, precious water is never to be squandered....

Bale boomBale boom »
As a giant green spray rig roars past his office, George Commins has his eyes glued to a computer. The GPS program on screen is tracking a cotton picker 20 kilometres away and feeding real-time harvest data to the 27-year-old’s desktop at Whitton, 25km west of Leeton, in New South Wales’ lush Murrumbidgee Valley. Beyond the walls of the office, a sea of white cotton plants awaits the...

Here for the long haulHere for the long haul »
Mustering pilots are sought-after because they have a truly unique skill set. The flying, typically less than 500 feet above the ground, is challenging enough. But a need to know the nature of the beasts below – including sheep, cattle and jackaroos – means a pilot out of the city, however experienced, will typically cause more dramas than they’re worth. “The general rule...
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