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Great Australians: 20 Living Legends of the BushGreat Australians: 20 Living Legends of the Bush »
Australia’s outback is full of amazing characters, many of whom have made substantial contributions to their communities or within their fields. R.M.Williams OUTBACK has gathered the stories of 20 remarkable Australians into a special one-shot magazine, Great Australians: Living Legends of the Bush
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New territoryNew territory »
Industry leaders across Australia have welcomed Tracey Hayes’ appointment as the first female CEO in the association’s 31-year history. Well before taking up the reins last year, after a rigorous interstate interview process, she’d been making her mark as a passionate industry advocate with an ardent interest in agribusiness and agri-politics. Tracey, 44, has long been...

Land of the volcanoesLand of the volcanoes »
The view from the top of Victoria’s Mt Rouse is breathtaking. To the north, the jagged skyline of the Grampians ends the flat expanse of an enormous plain. To the south, the flats end at the Southern Ocean, about 60 kilometres away. To the west, a solitary mountain focuses the view, and to the east the plains fade into the late evening haze. For those without a geological background the...

Reclaiming the landReclaiming the land »
At a time when most of Australia has wound down for the summer, the pace ramps up on Twin Hill Station on the Northern Territory’s Finniss River floodplain, two hours’ south-west of Darwin. The week between Christmas and New Year’s Day is traditionally one of the busiest for the Twin Hill Aboriginal Corporation, which manages the 375 square kilometre pastoral enterprise on the...

Not too shabbyNot too shabby »
Instead of talking the Logan Pub up, owners Geoffrey and Keith Turner put it down with some outrageous humour on their website. They revel in claiming to be the place no-one would want to visit because of “the almost total absence of constabulary or indeed any semblance of law and order, the feral dogs, cats and wild boars rampaging through the pungent infestation of stinkweed and stinging...

The men from Snowy RiverThe men from Snowy River »
Sometimes things don’t quite go to plan. Each year at The Man from Snowy River Festival at Corryong, Vic, Banjo Paterson’s classic poem is re-enacted. The mob of “wild bush horses” is coached in the weeks leading up to the event to run a loop in a valley in view of the thousands of spectators who come. “This year the horses decided to rewrite the script. They headed...

Champion teamChampion team »
The grain-fed calves are flighty and Riverside Jake has been tied up a little too long. He’s grown hungry for work. The moment he hears owner Ben Gould whistle, the lean kelpie-collie cross streaks into action. “Here Jake, come behind, come behind,” Ben commands. “Get up, Jake, get up.” Within minutes, Jake and his canine companions Hylite Rush and Hylite Dot have...

Breeding bustardsBreeding bustards »
The bustard was once common across Australia. In his log of May 23, 1770, Captain James Cook mentions shooting a bird for the table and naming a bay in northern Queensland after it. Scientist Joseph Banks referred to the culinary delight of the shot bird: “…. it turned out to be an excellent bird … far the best we all agreed that we have eat[en] since we left England, and as...

Backpacker boonBackpacker boon »
Despite negative coverage on national television recently about the exploitation of workers on 457 visas, the vast majority of producers and hired hands work well together to their mutual benefit. It’s Thursday morning in the middle of the Sunraysia district and Charlie Zappia and Jeremie Laly are getting ready for another day of work. Outside, 16 hectares of table grapes need attending...

Restoring the balanceRestoring the balance »
“I don’t believe I am a greenie. I just feel the environment has to be looked after while we make a living,” says respected northern cattleman Garry Riggs. “We are trying to do the best we can. It’s a piece of dirt, but it has to last a long, long time.” Decades in the industry have taught Garry and wife Michelle a thing or two about land and livestock...
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