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2015 Christmas Gift Pack2015 Christmas Gift Pack »
OUTBACK has bundled up five great gifts worth a massive $172.80, for just $89.95. You will get a stunning 2015 OUTBACK Calendar ($19.95), a hardcover 2015 OUTBACK Diary ($24.95), an R.M.Williams saltwater crocodile key ring ($44.95), R.M.Williams chocolate dryskin cap ($29.95) and a one-year subscription. Yes, that's all five items for $89.95! Merchandise available from October.
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2015 OUTBACK Calendar2015 OUTBACK Calendar »

The 2015 OUTBACK Calendar offers a smorgasbord of vibrant images showcasing regional and remote Australia. Order yours now for only $19.95 to avoid missing out (available early October).To view images click here

2015 OUTBACK Diary2015 OUTBACK Diary »
Our 2015 OUTBACK Diary is terrific value. You get a beautifully illustrated hardcover diary, plus a $44.95 R.M.Williams saltwater crocodile strap key ring – all for just $24.95 (available early October). To view images click here

2015 Hoofs & Horns Calendar2015 Hoofs & Horns Calendar »

Enjoy a mixture of heritage 1950s Hoofs and Horns magazine imagery and action-packed contemporary photos in the 2015 Hoofs and Horns Calendar for just $18.95 (available early October). To view images click here


Behind the fenceBehind the fence »
Every two years, between February and April, a small group of photojournalists heads across Australia to report on our great cattle and sheep stations. Their mission is to bring back stories and photographs for our biannual magazine, OUTBACK Stations, a showcase of remarkable agricultural properties that are rarely glimpsed by the public. This is our third edition of Stations magazine and it...

West to the CooperWest to the Cooper »
Cunnamulla is the starting point for a 600-kilometre journey west to Innamincka along the Adventure Way. Heading west, the country spreads like a green carpet beyond the black asphalt. Mobs of emus prance through paddocks of tall Mitchell grass and misty columns of rain dance across the northern horizon. Further west, the landscape morphs into gibber and mulga before the road rolls into Eulo,...

Old plants, new usesOld plants, new uses »
Australia’s native plants pack a powerful punch. They have high concentrations of unusual compounds, possibly because our environmental conditions are often tough and they need to fight hard to survive. A company based in Lismore, north-eastern New South Wales, is pioneering new technology to extract these water-soluble and oil-soluble bioactive compounds from more than 60 plants, in...

Bucking the trendBucking the trend »
In the lead-up alleys behind the rodeo chutes, tonnes of pent-up muscle wait to break free. Over three hours, 50 bulls are lined up ready to perform their bucking antics in the Dirt ’n’ Dust Bull Ride at Julia Creek, Qld. While the crowd focuses on the action in the ring, a tiny young woman in a huge hat straddles the rails and calls the shots. She is bull contractor Dakota...

Cowra\'s darkest dayCowra's darkest day »
In the early hours of August 5, 1944, 1100 Japanese prisoners of war (POWs) make a suicidal bid to escape from their prison at Cowra, in central New South Wales. By daylight, 231 Japanese are dead and 107 wounded. Twenty POWs commit suicide and about 334 escape into the countryside. Three guards are killed during the breakout, and a fourth soldier is killed attempting to recapture escapees. For...

Wonder under the paddocksWonder under the paddocks »
When Graham Kilsby became the fourth generation of his family to run Bringewood, the successful prime-lamb operation in the farming district of Moorak, he also inherited a jaw-dropping natural wonder. The Limestone Coast area in the south-eastern corner of South Australia is world-renowned for its extensive subterranean network of caves and sinkholes, and a spectacular example lies beneath the...

Fresh growthFresh growth »
Above the sheep yards of ‘Benham’, the morning mist has lifted and a cloud of dust hangs in its place, stirred by heat, weeks of dry weather and the movement of dozens of Merino rams in the holding yard. Livestock overseer Dave Squires swings open a gate and a line of rams clatters through the drafting race, ready to be classed. It looks like business as usual on a station...

The collectorsThe collectors »
He was 12 years old, an adventurous kid on a farm 50 kilometres “from anywhere”, when his boyish curiosity took him to the farm tip. There, he discovered ceramic and other bottles, the likes of which he’d never seen before. They’d been dumped way before municipal garbage collections began. He took them home, placed them under his bed, and then Kerran Howe, the bottle...

Are you ok?Are you ok? »
Every year, about 2500 Australians die from suicide, or approximately 11 in every 100,000 people. It’s conservatively estimated that a further 65,000 Australians are known to attempt suicide each year. Suicide rates in rural and remote areas are generally higher, and in some cases far higher than the national average. Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in males in Australia....
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