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Immerse yourself in real Australian people, places, animals and issues, with a subscription to OUTBACK magazine. Six crackerjack issues a year, brimming with inspiring yarns and stunning photos from the heart of Australia.
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Sales of Great Australians have been running hot, and we’re sorry to say we now have none left for the Christmas Pack. We’ve put together a new offer for you: our 2016 Calendar ($19.95), our hardcover 2016 Diary ($19.95), the new edition of Australian Bush Classics: 80 poems personally selected by R.M.Williams ($29.95), a bone and navy R.M.Williams cap ($29.95) and a one-year subscription to OUTBACK for only $90.95. Click here to purchase

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Give the children in your life a taste of the outback with our new picture book Outback Pets. There are 15 pets featured, including a crocodile, a llama, a pig and plenty of dogs. Outback Pets is extra special because the illustrations are based upon real people and their pets from outback Australia. A sneak preview

2016 OUTBACK Diary2016 OUTBACK Diary »
If you enjoy keeping track of your year with a good old-fashioned diary, you can’t go past our 2016 hardback edition. You will travel the breadth of this great land as you turn the pages, with a full-page photograph for every week of the year. Get your order in before we sell out!                 View images    Click here to order


2016 OUTBACK Calendar2016 OUTBACK Calendar »
Light up your year with our stunning 2016 Calendar. Some of Australia’s top landscape photographers have contributed their finest images to make it one of our best ever. Don’t miss out!     View images     Click here to order


Bush ingenuityBush ingenuity »
Growing up near York, in south-eastern Western Australia, fourth-generation farmers Shawn and Glen Ryan learnt how to be self-sufficient and creative. “You couldn’t just duck down to the local hardware shop; you had to know how to turn a spanner and put a few things together to get a broken-down machine moving again,” Shawn says. Their practical skills, work ethic and innate...

Sharpening skillsSharpening skills »
Greg Varidel stands at a belt grinder, slowly working a layer of black carbon and impurities off a billet of steel to reveal a shiny new surface underneath. Sparks fly as he works the steel along the belt until it gets too hot to hold. Then he dips it in water and there’s a burst of vapour before he starts again. Greg, who admits he usually does “soft-handed office work” is...

World\'s biggest classroomWorld's biggest classroom »
You’d think it would be impossible, but the children of the Broken Hill School of the Air, living on remote stations hundreds of kilometres from their classmates, have an assembly every Friday morning. They gather in front of their individual monitors, sing the school song and national anthem, are awarded merit certificates and then one class shows something they’ve been doing...

Spirit on showSpirit on show »
In December 1915, a 15-year-old girl from western Victoria named Nellie Blain began knitting a pair of woollen socks for her brother Arthur, an Anzac soldier fighting on the Gallipoli Peninsula. With one sock finished and the other almost complete, news arrived of Arthur’s death from a head wound. With the knitting needles still in the unfinished sock and the ball of wool trailing sadly...

Spirit of the LandSpirit of the Land »
There were plenty of dark days in the eastern Riverina, NSW, between 2002 and 2007. The worst drought in recorded history ravaged the districts around Lockhart, a town of 850 people 65 kilometres west of Wagga Wagga. In 2006 rainfall around Lockhart and the neighbouring towns of Narrandera and Tarcutta was the lowest ever recorded. “Battling an invisible foe like drought wasn’t...

Community championCommunity champion »
Some people collect desert sand in bottles as lasting mementos of travels across the country. Sarah Powell would sooner bottle the people she meets along the way, storing their wisdom and influence for times when the stocks are low – like the day she returned to Darke Peak. After more than a decade working away in Western Australia and Queensland, Sarah paid a visit to her hometown on South...

Fabulous FlindersFabulous Flinders »
“Within moments of the first time I set foot on Flinders Island I was handed a cray, pointed in the direction of a shack and told the door was open,” says photojournalist Cormac Hanrahan. He says it felt like his 50-minute flight from Melbourne, in 2014, had taken him back to a more hospitable time, such as the 1950s. “This kind of instinctive generosity and immediate trust is...

Penguin protectorsPenguin protectors »
The little penguin population of the Victorian town of Middle Island plummeted from several hundred seabirds to single digits during the 2004–05 breeding season. Foxes were to blame – they had been swimming across from the mainland for a feed. Furious locals declared that the annual massacre had to stop, but how to outwit a cunning fox? Ask a chicken farmer. Local poultry expert Alan...

Fleece of the futureFleece of the future »
Geoff and Nancy Halpin were farming Merino sheep and angora goats near Seymour, Vic, in 1988 when they decided they would branch into alpacas. “We were attracted to them because of their magnificent fibre and their potential as another fleece industry,” Geoff says. In what was the first alpaca import of modern times, they brought in three from Alaska, to begin a small, private...
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