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Great Australians: 20 Living Legends of the BushGreat Australians: 20 Living Legends of the Bush »
Australia’s outback is full of amazing characters, many of whom have made substantial contributions to their communities or within their fields. R.M.Williams OUTBACK has gathered the stories of 20 remarkable Australians into a special one-shot magazine, Great Australians: Living Legends of the Bush
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On the bush beatOn the bush beat »
Resilient police men and women can be found in mostly two-person stations hundreds of kilometres from their nearest towns. They often work alone, thinking outside the box, and applying sensible on-the-spot solutions to defuse potential trouble. They see the best and worst in people and most are deeply touched by the tragedy that often confronts them. Sergeant Mick Swain was quelling a...

Spirit of the KimberleySpirit of the Kimberley »
Home for Kimberley artist Jackie Ellis is a houseboat on Lily Creek Lagoon, an alluring, bird-rich offshoot of Western Australia’s Ord River, the lifeblood of nearby Kununurra. Jackie says she never felt truly at home until she came to this isolated north-west agricultural town. “This place is so rugged and untamed and beautiful, and has an enormous energy that I can tap into as an...

Golden touchGolden touch »
Miniature John Deere tractors line the shelves of James Nagorcka’s office at Waltanna, hinting that their owner is a child at heart. Yet there’s more than nostalgia attached to some of these toys; James helped to design their full-sized equivalents. The story of how an Aussie farmer with no formal engineering training won the attention of global machinery manufacturers while virtually...

Dairy maverickDairy maverick »
Greg Dennis paces, watchful as a blue heeler, his eyes sweeping the dairy shed entrance. It’s a Saturday morning and Tamrook, his family’s 152-hectare dairy farm near Beaudesert, Qld, is hosting a farm tour. Ask any of the vintage car enthusiasts’ group members where they are and they’ll say, “Scenic Rim Robotic Dairy” meeting “Farmer Gregie”....

Desert lakesDesert lakes »
Gary Steer first flew low over the central deserts of Australia in a small plane in 2000. “It was a landscape like an enormous canvas,” Gary says. Those haunting landscapes captured his imagination and the renowned documentary filmmaker was determined to see them again. It was three years before he had the opportunity to fly back, this time to concentrate on photographing the salt...

Reserve evolutionReserve evolution »
On first glance you really wonder why anyone would want a nature reserve out here. The parched land doesn’t seem special at all. It’s as flat as a footy field and the scrub looks tired and patchy at best. But start taking a closer look at Charles Darwin Reserve, on the northern edge of the West Australian Wheatbelt, 60 kilometres east of Perenjori, and you can see why it’s...

New beginningsNew beginnings »
A soft wind stirs the gum trees along the banks of Carawine Gorge – a natural wonder on the Oakover River nestled within the borders of the 401,000-hectare Warrawagine Station in Western Australia’s northern Pilbara. Healthy looking Droughtmaster bulls are lying in their dustholes in the shade. Further along the bank Robin Mills and Rob Jowett are sitting on a grassy rise talking...

A ton of yarnsA ton of yarns »
Where and what is the outback and who are the people who live there? This was the initial assignment back in 1998 when the magazine prepared for its opening issue. Where does it start? Maybe the Mitchell Highway in northern New South Wales takes you there as it stretches gun-barrel straight from Nyngan into the setting sun and to a sign that announces Bourke and declares, ‘Gateway to the...
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