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Immerse yourself in real Australian people, places, animals and issues, with a subscription to OUTBACK magazine. Six crackerjack issues a year, brimming with inspiring yarns and stunning photos from the heart of Australia.
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For an extra special Mother's Day gift, we've bundled this premium rubber-backed R.M.Williams woollen rug - valued at $150 - with a full year's subscription to OUTBACK magazine, delivered to her door, for a total of just $104.95. That's a saving of more than $100! The rug is easy to clean, has a waterproof backing and a soft woolen-pile top - perfect for the great outdoors.  Click here to order

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Give the children in your life a taste of the outback with our new picture book Outback Pets. There are 15 pets featured, including a crocodile, a llama, a pig and plenty of dogs. Outback Pets is extra special because the illustrations are based upon real people and their pets from outback Australia. A sneak preview

Australian Bush ClassicsAustralian Bush Classics »
Before his death in 2003, Reginald Murray (RM) Williams collected together all his favourite bush poems into the book Australian Bush Classics. Due to an enduring interest in bush verse and poetry, we are republishing Australian Bush Classics in time for Christmas. It contains 80 of RM’s favourite poems, from classics such as Banjo Paterson’s Clancy of the Overflow to less familiar verses that will give readers a new insight into bush life. Click here to order


Giving backGiving back »
Bush philanthropy involves so much more than money. It includes thousands and thousands of volunteer hours of sausage sizzling and tin-can shaking and organising (everything from school-trivia nights to bush races to fashion parades and agricultural shows and gymkhanas) to raise funds to keep rural and remote communities alive. It also includes freely given expertise, the value of which...

The NullarborThe Nullarbor »
It’s an Australian rite of passage, crossing the Nullarbor at least once in your life. Fully sealed since 1976, the Eyre Highway is the comfortable grey belt across the sprawling underbelly of our land, providing easy access to the 180,000 square kilometres of the Nullarbor Plain, and features such as 90-Mile Straight, one of the longest straight sections of sealed road in the world. Many...

Plants manPlants man »
In the back corner of Peter Latz’s eight-hectare property on the outskirts of Alice Springs is a fine old ghost gum, its white trunk stark against the red MacDonnell Ranges. “It’s like me,” 74-year-old Peter says with a smile. “Old and decrepit, but still beautiful in its own way.” It’s easy to compare Australia’s most eminent Central Australian...

Taking back the reins in the bushTaking back the reins in the bush »
"It’s a horse rider’s paradise up here,” says David Nalder, National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) area manager for Tenterfield, in northern New South Wales. In recent years the Tenterfield area has developed riding opportunities in eight of its national parks, including Washpool, Kwiambal and Dthinna Dthinnawan parks. Riders use the lodgings provided, fence their...

Zoo keeperZoo keeper »
In every word she utters about it, Sally Padey’s passion for her zoo and its animals is palpable. “We don’t have the money some of the bigger, private and government zoos have, but we make up for it with passion and determination,” she says. “I feel very, very responsible for not only the animals, but the people here. It is an amazing place.” Sally owns Mogo...

Percy plays onPercy plays on »
At 89, PERCY Iszlaub still has the puff for a deep-toned tuba and a quick march past. It’s 72 years since he picked up the big brass instrument as a teenage farm boy to help out the town’s band, which was depleted by World War II. Nowadays, a proud Percy is president of the Wondai and District Band, one of few left around southern Queensland, or across Australia for that matter....

Mountain highMountain high »
A wise man takes a coat on a good day – any fool can take one when it’s raining,” John Rudd says ruefully as he eyes the heavy clouds rolling over Mount Selwyn just across the valley. A rumble of thunder underlies his statement. Then, with a quick grin and a mischievous twinkle, he asks,” You’re carrying some wool?”. Three days into one of his feted guided...

Forging leadersForging leaders »
Colin Hendrie learnt a vital lesson in leadership – the need to depend on other people – when being chased by a rhinoceros on Christmas Day 1970. Then a Rhodesian Army officer, Colin and the platoon he was leading had been investigating terrorist activity on the Zambian border and were crossing a mud plain when the rhinoceros charged. “The signaller fell and I turned around to...

Glass half fullGlass half full »
Creative energy surrounds glass-bead maker Sangita Daniel as she constantly searches for new ways to express the love she has for her surroundings. Born in Kenya and widely travelled, Sangita came to Miles, on Queensland’s Western Downs, after arriving in Australia three years earlier. Her husband works in the mining industry and they originally settled in Perth, but rural Miles was...
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