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Gifts galore for MumGifts galore for Mum »

Choose one of our popular offers to make Mum’s day. Buy a one-year subscription to OUTBACK with a solid-hide belt for $89.95 (and save $41). OR give Mum a navy canvas R.M.Williams bag with a one-year subscription for $92.95 (saving $35). Stocks of bags and belts are limited so please click here to order.

Animal Tales and Subscription OfferAnimal Tales and Subscription Offer »

Animal Tales: Australian pets and the people who love them is a hardback book with 50 stories and photographs about Aussies and their love of pets. Buy with a one-year subscription to OUTBACK magazine and save.
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Hoofs and Horns â The Best of the 1940s and TodayHoofs and Horns – The Best of the 1940s and Today »

It’s back to the future for horse lovers with our release of Hoofs and Horns – The Best of the 1940s and Today. This new magazine will transport you into the 1940s, with stories, photos and advertisements from the period. Interspersed throughout these are stories about today’s champions of polo, rodeo, campdrafting, eventing and endurance.
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Young gunsYoung guns »
 She may not be flash, but out here on the dusty tracks of Queensland’s Channel Country where temperatures hover around 40 degrees Celsius for weeks on end and a well-maintained bore can be the difference between life and death, Charlie Roberts’ 75 Series LandCruiser is a sight for sore eyes. “I’ve been driving LandCruisers and breaking them ever since I was 16, so...

What lies beneathWhat lies beneath »
Here in the famous Great Darling Anabranch, the thirsty pastoral country between Wentworth and Broken Hill in far western New South Wales, one of the most remarkable and perhaps unlikely grain harvests on the continent is in full swing. Despite recording barely 100 millimetres of rain for the year, and being situated more than 150 kilometres up the Silver City Highway from the northern fringe of...

Reef no barrierReef no barrier »
Josh Palmer likens diving in Top End waters to swimming in iced coffee – visibility is awful but the rewards can be sweet. The 23 year old harvests coral and tropical fish for Monsoon Aquatics, a company based at Humpty Doo that supplies the aquarium industry in Australia and overseas. Josh and fellow diver Shane Sweeney travel the Northern Territory coastline and offshore reefs in the San...

At the junctionAt the junction »
The artist’s hand sweeps across the sheet of paper. He lunges towards the easel, dashing a line of charcoal across a previously unmarked section. Morning sun streams through the gallery windows, bathing the scene in soft, golden light. “You can feel the energy of the two rivers as you get closer to the junction,” Steve Hederics says, without taking his eyes off the paper. Before...

Gift keeps on givingGift keeps on giving »
As one, the crowd of tens of thousands at Central Park in Stawell, in western Victoria, falls silent and holds its breath. Runners’ spikes dig into the hallowed couch grass and their fingers bend like springs, ready to propel them forward the millisecond the gun goes off. At nearly every Easter since 1878, the Stawell Gift has been run in this 6000-strong town, attracting some of the best...

Going for goldGoing for gold »
In the latter half of the 19th century, the hills and valleys along the Aberfeldy and Thomson rivers in Victoria were a noisy, crowded, smoky, busy place. Gold was mined throughout the area, and thousands of souls were drawn there. They built towns, schools, churches, hotels, pubs, hospitals, halls and more. At first glance, very little of it is left. But, with imagination and a sense of history,...

The bank of banksiasThe bank of banksias »
"This was never a planned business,” says bushy-bearded Kevin Collins, surrounded in his delightful five-hectare garden by every single species of banksia in existence. “It’s a hobby gone mad.” Kevin educates everyone from visiting schoolkids to botanists. “I don’t have a day’s botanical training,” he says. “I was just over in America...

Cream of the cropCream of the crop »
Sarah and Stephen Crooke can vividly recall sitting at the kitchen table years ago trialling a much-loved family recipe for cumquat ice-cream. A decade on, that same recipe is one of Gundowring Finest Ice Cream’s flagship products, made specially to celebrate the 10-year milestone of their company. The couple had been busy dairy farmers on their 400-hectare Gundowring property in...
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