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Rail revivalRail revival »
A steel revolution is taking place. Heralded by a distant clickety-clack and the grinding of metal on metal, Australia’s railways are awakening to a new era. New railways are being built, and old tracks are being modernised and consolidated to make them suitable for today’s needs. If roads are the choked arteries of our country, with blockages at vital organs, the railways are the...

Living off the landLiving off the land »
Once upon a time, it was almost a given that sons would stay on the farm, while daughters would leave upon marriage – ideally to the bloke from the property next door. But the family tree is branching out like never before. “Over the past two decades, Australian farming families have become increasingly dependent on off-farm income to maintain their standard of living or meet costs...

Witness for the deadWitness for the dead »
In the Australian bush, death can come unexpectedly and in strange and inexplicable ways. In the Northern Territory, with dangerous wild animals, a hot, arid environment and an active population that works remotely, one man has brought compassion and insight to discovering reasons behind the demise of many people over the past 18 years. Tall and thin, with a steely gaze and no-nonsense attitude,...

Heading northHeading north »
A journey to the red land and bath-warm turquoise seas of Western Australia’s Dampier Peninsula inevitably begins in Broome. Here, travellers experience that glorious mix of far-flung frontier town meets five-star hotels and restaurants and just about every other convenience you could ever need. Enjoy the creature comforts at a nice hotel as well as the remnants of the pearling history and...

Booligar bloodBooligar blood »
Day breaks and the morning light washes a breathtaking golden hue over the paddocks, softening the landscape. It’s a dry year on Booligar Station. The land is parched and suffering the effects of harsh summers with little to no rain, and the grass that remains is crisp underfoot. The Crothers brothers, Donald and Douglas, have met at the machinery shed to discuss the day’s work....

Fat of the lambFat of the lamb »
A mob of dorper sheep, their fleeces in varying stages of shed, mill about a holding yard. As she skirts the fence, Anna Kelly brushes her hand across the top of a ewe’s head and speaks to it. When the mob groups at the end of the run, Anna swiftly scoops up a six-month-old lamb. She is in tune with its mood and gives her confused charge a soothing rub under the chin and whispers calmly....

The worm turnsThe worm turns »
There are more than 1000 species of earthworm native to Australia. The giant Gippsland earthworm, however, is one of the most famous because of its sheer size. It is one of the largest in the world, with mature adults averaging 80 centimetres in length, 2cm in diameter and weighing 200 grams, though they have been recorded at 1.8m long and up to 400g. Giant Gippsland earthworms are found only in...

Island freshIsland fresh »
How do two brothers make cheese without any cows? It’s an unusual question, but the folk on Norfolk Island have been dealing with unusual for centuries. Australia’s only self-governed external territory, the pine-dotted subtropical Norfolk Island is a little slice of paradise in the Pacific. Today the tiny 8 x 5 kilometre volcanic outcrop is home to some of the best food in the...

Nourishing the soulNourishing the soul »
The back o' Bourke is a big place, but there’s an easy way to track down the outback dining experience Poetry on a Plate. Simply follow your nose, or the happy-hour trail of travellers juggling fold-up chairs and plastic wine goblets en route to the open fire at Kidman’s Camp, 8 kilometres north of Bourke. The menu for this down-to-earth dinner on the banks of the Darling River...

Donkey musterDonkey muster »
The sun is setting over the yards on Milpa Station, a couple of hundred kilometres north of Broken Hill. Freshly caught feral donkeys are milling in the background as Joe Baty and his three eldest children William, Bec and Megan jostle and line up for a photo after a solid day’s work. There’s a bit of skylarking that Joe tries to curb with only moderate success, given that he’s...
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