R.M.Williams OUTBACK Magazine

Issue 112 - April/May 2017

Resilience is the ability to absorb a shock or setback and to flourish in spite of it, maybe even because of it.

“A resilient community is one that may be hit by an industry crisis, have people leaving town, the footy team folding or preschool closing yet remains creative and adapts to the dynamic conditions, maintains its identity and social connectedness,” the Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal’s Natalie Egleton says. “That community is open to bringing new leaders in, and has the courage to think outside the box and take risks.” Our exploration of rural resilience is essential reading for anyone interested in building positive communities. Our new issue also focuses on female succession of farms, takes in the boundless plains of the Long Paddock touring route and swoops in on a helicopter safari of The Kimberley. There’s all this plus our usual favourites of Dogs, Boots, Mailboxes, Bush kids, Bush weddings and more. 


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